Progress Update

Build Season START!

The kickoff for the 2017 FIRST competition started on January 7th, and we are working diligently for the build season.

The overview of our plan for the build season is:

Week 1 – Choose strategies, work on high level design, learn the game rules, and quizzes on the game rules. After the first week, no high level changes on the design are allowed.

Week 2 – Work on detailed designs and build a working drive base.

Week 3 – Finish detailed designs, build the drive system, and create the test-bed for the manipulators

Week 4 – Build the manipulators, and debug the drive system.

Week 5 – Finish building the robot which includes integrating manipulators, sensors, etc.

Week 6 – Drivers’ practice, refining our game strategy, and building the second robot.


Attached is a video of a few members giving brief descriptions of what each team is working on.

We modified a previous flywheel shooter to see if it would work with the fuel.