Event Recap

FIRST Chesapeake District Central Maryland Event Recap

Our second competition of the year at South River H.S. was invigorating! We placed 7th out of 38 teams during the qualification matches and we won the finals! Congratulations to the Knight Riders! Overall, we had a record of 14 wins, 5 losses, and 0 ties. We also ranked 10th in OPR (Offensive Power Rating).  Thank you to all students, mentors, parents, and sponsors! Without everyone’s support, our team couldn’t have made it this far. Be sure to check out our Twitter and Instagram for more photos and videos of the event.

We are very excited to head off to Richmond, VA for the FIRST Chesapeake District Championship Event on April 5th.

Event Recap

FIRST Chesapeake District Greater DC Event Recap

Our first competition at Walt Whitman H.S. went very well! We placed 7th out of 39th teams during the qualification matches and made it past the first round of playoffs. Unfortunately, we lost a tough tiebreaker in the semifinals. Overall, we had a record of 11 wins, 6 losses, and 1 tie. We also ranked 7th in OPR (Offensive Power Rating). Our team efforts paid off with an outstanding performance!

In order to prepare for our next competition at South River H.S., we are working on areas of improvement such as redesigning the gear intake and refining our driving skills for the next two weeks. We hope to perform better next competition!

Congratulations blue alliance! We have set the new high score of 330! Amazing job!! #frc2017 #whs #stem #robotics #knightriders5115

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Progress Update


The first tests for the climber and the fuel intake went very well. The robot was able to climb up the wooden frame in about three seconds, and it was able to quickly take in fuel. However, one of the balls got stuck in the feeder. We will continue testing and make adjustments to our robot… Continue reading Testing

Progress Update

Progress Update as of 2/6/17

Over the past few weeks, we have made a lot of progress in completing our robot.

Here is what we have completed:

  • Finalized the fly wheel shooter
  • Attached the climber onto the robot
  • Mounted most of the electronics to the side panel
  • Labeled the motors, controllers and wires
  • Devised another plan for ingesting fuel from alliance partners
  • Built the drive-train and most of the frame on the practice robot
  • Began bumper assembly
  • Built and tested the mixer

Here is what still needs to be done:

  • Mount the rest of the electronics
  • Install the bottom plate
  • Install the back and add structure to hold all panels together
  • Install the mixer and paddle wheel
  • Install additional motor controllers