FIRST® POWERUP, the 2018 FIRST® Robotics Competition game, invites two alliances, in an 8-bit video game world to prepare their team to face the boss at the end of the level.

This is the official game animation for the 2018 FIRST Robotics Competition game, FIRST POWERUP.


Each three-team alliance prepares in three ways:

1. Control switches and scales with power cubes. Robots collect power cubes (blocks) from around the arena and place them on their scales and switches to earn points.
2. Collect power cubes to store in the vault for power-ups. Robots deliver power cubes to operators outside the arena for storage in the vault. Power-ups can be activated at any time during the game for a boost to points, control of a switch or scale, or a free climb to the boss. The number of power cubes in the vault dictates the potency of the power-up gained.
3. Climb to face the boss. Robots must climb to the top of the central platform to face the boss and gain a ranking point.



Each match begins with a 15-second autonomous period in which robots operate only on preprogrammed instructions. During this period, robots work to support the three efforts listed above and also get points for crossing their baseline.


During the remaining 2 minutes and 15 seconds of the match, the teleoperated period, student drivers control robots. Teams on an alliance work together to control as many switches and scales and gain as many points as possible – but they have to be sure they leave enough time to climb to the boss at the end of the match.


Alliances are seeded in the Qualification tournament using ranking points which are awarded based on a combination of their Win-Loss-Tie record (2 points for a win, 1 point for a tie),

For more information, visit http://www.firstinspires.org/frc.